Laser cutting for precise and complex cuts

Do you have diverse and complicated requirements for laser cutting? No challenge is too great for our team: we guarantee clean and burr-free cuts for work areas of up to 5,100 millimetres wide and 29,600 millimetres long – for all material grades and thicknesses up to 20 mm. During the same work process, we can carry out chamfering up to 47° for welded seam preparation.

Benefit from our capacities. For the serial production of your products, Ferro uses Europe’s largest laser system. Furthermore, our CO2 laser system offers additional processing options, such as marking drill holes, points, lines, letters or markings.

You therefore not only benefit from maximum efficiency, but the ideal preparation of all units for later welding processes also saves time and cost. We are looking forward to your requests. What can we do for you?

Your advantages with Ferro at a glance:

  • 7 laser system for flexible use
  • 5-axis swivel head for chamfering up to 47° in one process
  • narrow cutting joint with very smooth edges for high-quality results
  • no need for manual refinishing

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Less welding seams by bending maximum lengths

Ferro helps you to increase the quality of your products: by bending maximum lengths of up to 16,700 millimetres whilst applying forces of up to 2,400 tons, we minimise welded seams on your products. This ensures that material properties are evenly maintained, making additional refinishing such as corrections, welding or grinding unnecessary. Our specialists can even bend different material thicknesses for laser welded profiles during one bending process. Ferro therefore ensures consistent quality across an entire product series whilst reducing your manufacturing and energy costs. Do you wish to learn more? We are happy to advise you!

Your advantages with Ferro at a glance:

  • CNC-controlled machines to ensure highest precision for cold bending
  • angle measurement systems to ensure automatic correction by the machine
  • exact manufacturing of even the most difficult shapes such as polygonal bending
  • continuity of a product series by tolerance accuracy

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Automated grinding and polishing

Perfect your product results: our automated surface processing saves you time-consuming manual grinding and polishing processes. Furthermore, maximum precision ensures the highest quality standards. With Ferro, consistent grinding depths as well as exact grinding and polishing across the entire surface will be a quality feature of your products. Versatile finishes are also possible.

The work areas of our state-of-the-art CNC systems for surface processing are 3,500 x 16,000 millimetres. In order to save time, double-sided grinding and polishing is also possible. Do you have metal sheets covered with slight flash rusting? As a cost-effective alternative, we can offer you “Polishing instead of sand-blasting“: we polish your units directly on site, thus ensuring a cost-effective preparation for the subsequent reshaping and welding process.

Simply let us know your individual surface processing requirements – and, together we will find an efficient and economical solution.

Your advantages with Ferro at a glance:

Automated grinding

  • removal of negative influences for the welding process, such as rust and paint
  • positioning to suit your individual requirements
  • even ground finish without dents
  • 0.05 mm can be ground off consistently across the entire area
  • grinding belt: track width of approx. 20 mm

Automated polishing

  • improved surface finish through reduced surface roughness
  • positioning to suit your individual requirements
  • surface processing from 550 mm width in one polishing process

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Jochem Emmerich

Technical Sales

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“Special challenges in sheet metal processing are our speciality. We will implement each of your requests – whether with laser cutting, bending, grinding and polishing.“

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