Innovative products for different industries

Our highly flexible and experienced team is always keen to offer solutions to different industries and sectors. In cooperation with you, we can therefore create a completely new approach and innovative solutions that offer your company a competitive edge.

Over a number of decades, amongst other products, we have produced the following for our customers: anti-wear sleeves and conveyor belts as well as serial products from the waggon/bridge construction and renewable energy industries.

In order to create the perfect product, we are happy to push the boundaries. We are looking forward to hearing about your special requirements: which industry do you work in – what are your goals?


Our references: satisfied customers

Astra Rail / Greenbrier Europe

"It is great fun working with Ferro and we have total confidence in one another. In terms of optimisation, Ferro always comes up with an idea – thus enabling us to take substantial steps forward.“

FUNDEX Equipment B.V.

"The cooperation with Ferro is very special for us: it is not only successful, but something our team also very much enjoys. Over the years, we have formed a genuine partnership, where we have total confidence in one another. With innovative ideas, Ferro has also decisively moved forward our serial products.“

Stefanie Fleer

Technical Sales

Phone: +49 25 63 - 93 37 - 173


„In order to get to know the specific challenges for each project, personal discussions with the customer are very important for us, because this allows us to develop innovations and optimisations for the later series production.“

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