At work with heart, hand and mind

This is our way

Ferro has a clear vision: We would like to offer our customers new superlatives in the areas of quality and machine dimensions as well as through a new kind of cooperation. For us, interpersonal relationships are an important key to a long-term successful cooperation – be it with customers, partners or colleagues. We therefore have flat hierarchies and focus on a respectful, friendly and sincere communication with our contacts. This guarantees ideal conditions for visionary ideas and innovative solutions for each of your projects.

We only have one goal: the genuine and sustained satisfaction of all parties. A cooperation with Ferro will always be special.

What makes us stand out?

  • A friendly team consisting of more than 230 qualified staff
  • State-of-the-art machinery and a production area covering more than 23,000 sqm
  • More than 27 years’ experience in sheet metal processing
  • A functional network of competent suppliers and development partners
  • Consistent focus on quality and excellent cooperation

We are looking forward to getting to know you. 

With kind regards

Heinz Dünne
Managing Director 

33 good reasons for working with us


Because at Ferro, PEOPLE come first.


Because your success is delivered with our metal sheets.


Because we are "Made in Münsterland": At work with heart, hand and mind.


Because we are happy to be on a "first-name" basis.


Because we do not work FOR people, but WITH people.


Because you only want to work with the best.


Because corners and edges are in safe hand with us.


Because we literally are "people with profile".


Because 27 years is what it takes to go from being a dreamer to a market leader.


Because, as the industry's technology leader, we are at the top.


Because we show greatness – humanly, technically and with our metal sheets.


Because for us, sheet metal is not "just sheet metal".


Because cold material meets the fire in our hearts.


Because we cut, edge and process in order to inspire.


Because Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker would be envious of our precise laser cutting.


Because we connect what belongs together – above all with perfectly welded seams.


Because, with more than 200 highly valued employees, we are a rather big Ferro team.


Because our sense of community and our sheet metal have a home on 23,000 sqm.


Because we see ourselves as part of your team.


Because we are committed to a close connection to and flexible cooperation with our customers.


Because existing customers testify for us.


Because short distances count for us – despite Europe-wilde deliveries.


Because we do many things differently and dare to do more than others – and very successfully.


Because excellent cost management ensures that you never pay too much for our sheet metal.


Because we are much more than "just on the surface" – especially because of our positionally accurate surface finishing.


Because we can rise high with flat hierarchies.


Because, despite the latest technology, we show great care and keep our eye on the spirit level.


Because our oversized products clearly make us stand out from others.


Because we know when we require additional help – and therefore cooperate with excellent partners.


Because our hearts beat faster at the sight of mobile cranes, aerial work platforms, tele loaders, commercial and rail vehicles.


Because you want to lean back whilst we take over the complete material management.


Because we analyse your biggest requirements down to the smallest detail.


Because we already know today what you will need tomorrow.

P.S.: And yes, that's right: We were the ones with the world's first 2.5D laser cutting head and revolutionised the industry with the first automated press brake up to 12,500 millimetres long!

We are ...


Full-blooded welders press brake revoltionaries sheet metal magicians quality standard holders
appointment keepers success bringers competitive advantage providers
inventor spirits cost savers roll-up-your-sleeves believers idea-transformers
machine whisperers customer advisors active-future co-creators problem solvers
process companions inspiration providers service thinkers wish fulfillers
new benchmark setters handshake trustees room-for-vision providers lasting quality suppliers
feet-on-the-ground keepers market value boosters holistic thinkers people connectors
plan implementers product improvers contact makers meet-at-eyelevel enthusiasts

Ferro stands for ...

F Fortschritt (Progress)

We are driven by progress – that of our customers as well as our own. Making a difference and actively experiencing solutions: As today's technology leader, we are at the top. We thrive on complex challenges and are inquisitive. We have fully understood that learning new techniques and adopting other perspectives are the best ways to increase our own efficiency and effectiveness. We always keep our eyes open and are curious about the approaches of other experts. To this end, we cooperate with institutes, universities, colleges and suppliers and regard the companies involved in production as partners in order to combine added value and modern materials to create an ideal product for our customers.

E Empathie (Empathy)

For us, people always come first. We invest time and interest in other people – because building a genuine connection with customers, cooperation partners and employees, being close to people and, above all, at eye level, is what sets us apart.

Always in focus: An appreciative approach. Effective communication beyond the spoken word, meeting people with a smile, praising and giving constructive feedback, asking for help, sharing knowledge and a solution-oriented approach.

With more than 200 highly valued employees, we are a rather big FERRO team ... and see ourselves as a part of your team. With flat hierarchies, conversations at eye level and cordial togetherness, we rise high.

R Rahmen (Framework)

Each of our and your projects creates ideal conditions for visionary ideas and innovative solutions.

No sooner said than done! For us, it is the word that counts, preferably, despite or perhaps because of the high level of digitalisation, still sealed with a handshake – that's how we tick as a company from the Münsterland. We keep the framework, provide you with clear competitive advantages in terms of prices and delivery times, and maximum security in the supply of the requested materials.

How do we like to stand out? Quite clearly: By being the technology leader, setting new standards, always thinking in superlatives, making the impossible possible, increasing market share through innovation. We like to show greatness-humanly, technically and with our metal sheets – and are way ahead of others.

R Reife (Maturity)

With Ferro, we look back on at least 25 years of business experience – not to mention life experience. If we were to add up the years of professional experience of all current employees, it would amount to 4,788 years. 4,788 years of profound knowledge, skills and competence in the construction, processing and finishing of sheet metal. Plus, thoughtful action and careful deliberation of decisions. We take new, complex challenges in our stride – because we know what we can do. Our orders have shaped us – and innovative solutions around components show the results. We have evolved from a pure parts manufacturer based upon external drawings to a component manufacturer giving support for production documents.

O Offenheit (Openness)

Independent thinking, accepting challenges, breaking out of routines, trying out new ways of acting, enjoying experimentation, living imagination, mental flexibility, creative thinking, sharing knowledge: Our openness to other people and unusual ideas and dealing with challenges in an unbiased way ensure the quality of our solutions and promote togetherness.

Our references: satisfied customers

Versalift Denmark A/S

"We have been successfully working together with Ferro on laser welding technology for more than 10 years.”

Baljer & Zembrod GmbH & Co. KG

"For us, as a leading company in the sectors log transport, log treatment and crane construction, it is important to have a competent and reliable partner as a supplier. With Ferro, we have found exactly that.“

Manitowoc Cranes

"For our high-quality products featuring high-performance telescopic booms we require our supply parts to be of the highest standard.
We have therefore chosen Ferro Umformtechnik as a reliable partner."

Langendorf GmbH

“We have been working with Ferro for more than ten years. During this period, our partnership has developed step by step; to start with, we ordered laser and bending processes. Since 2013, we benefit from the versatile advantages offered by Ferro laser welding technology.”

Tadano Europe Holdings GmbH

"Ferro: not just a supplier, but also a partner" 

Astra Rail / Greenbrier Europe

"It is great fun working with Ferro and we have total confidence in one another. In terms of optimisation, Ferro always comes up with an idea – thus enabling us to take substantial steps forward.“

FUNDEX Equipment B.V.

"The cooperation with Ferro is very special for us: it is not only successful, but something our team also very much enjoys. Over the years, we have formed a genuine partnership, where we have total confidence in one another. With innovative ideas, Ferro has also decisively moved forward our serial products.“


“Ferro’s outstanding expertise in bending technology combined with excellent advice plus first-class service gives them the competitive edge.”

Schäffer Maschinenfabrik GmbH

“We are looking back on several years of successful cooperation with Ferro. We rely on Ferro’s experience in terms of optimisation, which allowed us to achieve numerous improvements.”

SENNEBOGEN Maschinenfabrik GmbH

“With Ferro Umformtechnik, we have found a competent, flexible and reliable partner to carry out challenging metal forming tasks, especially for heavy and large components.“   

VDL Containersystemen BV

“The manufacturing industry has a future in Western Europe, and Western Europe has a future because of the manufacturing industry.”

TEKRA Sp. z o.o.

“For us, Ferro is a partner who TEKRA has developed with and who we can safely plan the future with. Ferro is our partner for sheet metal management, cutting and bending technology – a perfect choice!”

DEPA Gesellschaft für Kranauslegerbauteile mbH

"For over two decades, Ferro Umformtechnik has been our reliable partner in the field of bending and laser technology. Competent, innovative and always open to breaking new ground together with us."


"Ferro provides us with solutions that go well beyond what is standard. We successfully use Ferro's design expertise for our vehicles, ensuring that we can take into account farmers' specific stability requirements, both for road and off-road use. Ferro is more than just a partner for us. Ferro not only focuses on components but also allows us to improve our products and save on individual parts and welded seams during assembly." 


"As a reliable partner, Ferro Umformtechnik has bent quite a few things into shape for us. Thank you very much for the excellent cooperation!"


“As one of the market leaders in the commercial vehicle industry, we rely on strong and innovative partners. We constantly strive to achieve highest quality and customer satisfaction. Many years of experience and expertise on the part of our partner Ferro ensure that we consistently implement this goal together.“

Böcker Maschinenwerke GmbH 

“Ferro Umformtechnik is our partner, when it comes to components meeting the highest requirements - from prototype development to serial production.“ 

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